Electric motor maintenance tips

The electric motor maintenance is an essential process that allows the correct operation of this machine. The engine is responsible for the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy and for this he needs to receive periodic maintenance to keep working, be sure to make yours, makes all the difference.

From the moment you apply the correct maintenance the engine continues to run for a much longer period. Today almost all people using this engine are already aware of the importance of doing this maintenance and the more the engine is used, the greater the need to maintain the same.

Be sure to make the correct maintenance of the electric motor 5v850 belt so you can avoid immediate and also future problems. There are third party companies that offer this service if your company have no professional expert to provide proper maintenance you are in need.

Difference between motor and electric generator

Here we will present the difference between the electric motor and electric generator. Understand what is the difference between these two machines and know how the internal principle of each. The machines are great and play almost the same functionality, so you are always confused, but here we will clarify this.

Importantly, many people confuse these two machines reelcraft 7850 olp by the fact that they work in a similar way, both will make the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy, but there are some differences that are fundamental and will be presented here.

The generator works when given a way to turn your internal rotor, which gives rise to the magnetic field. But the engine will work through the interaction of the electromagnetic field, the transformation of the electric current tension in magnetism, which will be transformed into mechanical energy in the coils and cause the rotor to rotate.

Learn how the electric motor can be fixed

Learn how the electric motor can be fixed and which standards must be followed for this

The construction of the electric motor should follow the rules that determine how the electric motor should be built, how much should have its dimensions, its protection, power and other aspects.

The fixing of the electric motor can be made by flanges, the feet or both. The electric motor flanges are divided into two types that are flange-flange C and F.

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The C type has threaded holes that are not accessible from the rear of the flange according to DIN or NEMA. The flange F has through holes that are accessible from the rear flange. This is according to IEC, ABNT and type D flange, and also with NEMA.

There are also companies and users that make use of electric motor which has its standard sized by NEMA.

Electric motor permanent magnet is used in toys, automotive industries among others

The electric motor permanent magnet has a magnet that is fixed in the stator and another wound rotor that feeds the direct current that is through the brush-commutator assembly.

The armor of the permanent magnet electric motor is inside a magnet that is permanent and the power of the electric motor direct current is made directly on the switch.


The permanent magnet electric motor is characterized by having a low power, but the electric motor is widely used in the toy industry, the automotive industry and other industrial applications.

The advantage of this type of electric motor is linked to the fact that a speed variation and also by a simple variation occurs where the voltage terminals. Another advantage is that the rotation applied to the shaft causes the generator to DC voltage is proportional to speed, and this allows them to be used low cost tachometers.

Learn why there may be noise in electric motor bearings

The noise caused by the electric motor has been the cause of concern among companies and the main caused noise in the electric motor are: magnetic noise, bearing noise, mechanical balance and ventilation.

The noise in the bearings can be caused by gaps in both excess and missing and they tend to cause noise in the electric motor actech sm hp scm drive. As the electric motor has two a spring ball bearings is one of the bearings and this spring can make an axial effort on one of the tracks and this will result in a relative displacement of the tracks, it does not mean that accommodation is necessary because of Thermal expansion of the shaft, but it is common to reduce noise.

The finish of the bearing surfaces, the presence of impurities in the lanes, deformation or damage located in rolls, balls or the lanes and improper lubrication can also cause noise in electric motor bearings.

Function Electric Motor

The electric motor shown increasingly important in several segments to be present. Nowadays it is used for various purposes and, before presenting what are these purposes, it is interesting that you had knowledge of what is the big feature of this engine.

For those who do not know the function of the electric motor is to make the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. For this transformation it uses the principle of electromagnetism. A very important machine and is preferred for many feelings because she can offer efficiency and a more affordable cost.

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Now that you know the function of these electric motors, the next step is to understand what are the types of end applications that you can be doing with them. Today they are present in various types of appliances which you use attention day to day. In addition you can also find these engines in a single lift you use every day.